Monday, July 29, 2013

"Hashtag" #denimlovers

Whilst in London recently I just had to check out the new 'Denim Studio' which has been recently set up inside Selfridges. Running with the title '#denimlovers', it appears an almighty denim bomb has exploded onto the third floor, with full designer denim ranges sitting amongst some of the mightiest high street players, and a denim thrift shop to boost!
I must say I had a bit of your 'pinch yourself' moment when I spotted something from our range!

The studio is beautifully set out, for those of you hunting down some new denim rags I would recommend a peak even if it is just for inspiration..

A definition of denim??

A denim ostrich! Of course!

100" inch leg length anyone??

In other news, it appears I have competition for the biggest lover of sequins... Check out this stall i stumbled across (quite literally) at this year's Kendal Calling festival 2013...

Shop Name: "Sequinporium"
Who knew?? I didn't..

Until next time ladies and gents.... Keep Sparkling!

S&L xx

Thursday, July 4, 2013

North East to Far East...

Hey fabulous folk!

It has been waaaay too long since my last post, but don't worry I have the perfect excuse! ;) 
I have been travelling the width and breadth of the globe and pretty much given myself a crash course in denim over the last 6 weeks. 
After returning from Premiere Vision in Paris at the end of May (see previous post), I have since been to China and Bangladesh with a bit of Europe in between and the busier I get the more passionate about denim I become... For those of you not in the industry, denim is no longer about a pair of 5-pocket jeans, the fabric technologies are vast and expanding constantly, and we are working to source the best fabrics around to offer our customers. It is so exciting to see the denim trends growing, from vintage Levi's to knitted jersey denim, you can build a full range into your wardrobe... "The possibilities are endless!" as they say...
Well that's my 'geek out' for the evening. Check out these pictures from a fabric mill earlier today. Where denim begins!...

Look closely to the back of the machine to see the threads being weaved in...

The denim being weaved...
The finished fabric.. Now all we need is to wash, finish, design and sew!

Until next time...S&L xx

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Paris Pour Le Journee!

Working in design not only means I have to constantly research the wonderful World Wide Web, but also research around the world... By research of course I also mean SHOPPING! Haha... And so my role as designer took me to Paris this week, for Denim by Premier Vision. For those not familiar with thie show, Premiere Vision is trade show introducing new fabrics, fashion and technology which has recently branched put into show just for Denim. A designers dream one might say!

First up, the decor. This years show was circus themed, and we were greeted upon entering by 'denim ringmasters' who registered us and sent us through to an exhibition of circus themed stories using denim... Yes, sounds a bit surreal really doesn't it!....

Denim by Premiere Vision Exhibition 2013

After the display of wackiness comes the exhibitors. Denim weavers from around the world displaying their denim and concepts for all to see. I found the exhibitors to be mini denim geniuses! From Eco friendly denims to super soft and jersey denims, no longer do we live in just a pair of Levi's 501's!!

After our denim overload and quick change of shoes (note to self, do not wear new heels at exhibitions, achy breaky!) we headed out to enjoy dinner in Paris. After all, this is one of my favorite cities in the world and I can't help but love the romance of it all. The Notre Dame is one of my favorite areas and so I took my colleagues to a French bistro overlooking the cathedral and waited for dusk so that we could view the building by night and enjoy its beauty.

I then headed to Lovers Bridge; just a walk away from the Notre Dame, this is wear lovers come to lock a padlock onto the bridge to show their commitment and love for each other. It is such a wonderful place, love love love! ....

 Pont Des Arts Bridge, Paris

 The love padlocks: "Cadenas D'Amour"

Friday morning was spent hitting the shops before heading for the Eurostar. If, like us, you ever get stuck in Paris in the pouring down rain, head to Galleries de Lafayette. A huge department store surrounded by cafes and the opera. A perfect way to shop without the need for a brolly (umbrella!).

So, that was my 30 hours of Paris fun...

Until next time folks... S&L xx

Ps... A tip from sequins... Always leave time to catch the Eurostar... Running for your train in heels and with a hold-all is NOT the best look! ;) 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Batman love!

Do you think Bruce Wayne will like it?

I have had a lot of bikinis in my time but this has got to be my fave! 

S&L x

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Shire

I recently headed over to Lincolnshire to catch up with a friend and was happily surprised by how beautiful the city is. I have never visited before and did not really know much about the area - apart from finding out that my parents honeymooned in Skegness down the road! How glamorously old school!

Walking through the main high street you will see the usual collection of high street stores and coffee shops, but keep walking ahead and you meet 'Steep Hill' which is, as it is aptly named... a steep hill!

Climb the cobbled street and you will find an array of vintage, charity and antique shops. Then, when you are ready for a refreshment, take your pick at the wonderful tea rooms that sit alongside them.
If that wasn't amazing enough, (if you are a girl and you like tea!) when you reach the top of Steep Hill you are rewarded with the happiest busker i have ever seen! Singing his heart out to the likes of Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder! ... Oh and Lincoln Cathedral of course! Yes, this beautiful building stands proudly at the top of the city, looking down on it's people like some sort of great protector...

 Beautiful 'Steam Punk' inspired window display outside of the charity shop.

The Happiest Busker I Ever Did See...

One of the many vintage shops sitting on Steep Hill offer to cut the Levi's you buy into whatever cut- off shorts you fancy!... Excellent idea! As a denim designer I love to see a bit of Levi's customisation.

So there you have it, a bit of love for the shire of Lincoln. I would highly recommend it... It was like a bit of Whitby and a little bit of York... beautiful, traditional and, well, rather English!

S&L x

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Good morning guys and dolls, yes... I'm back!
It's been a long time coming and after much deliberation I am back to share my thoughts and inspirations on fashion, lifestyle and my general love for life!

And what better way to kick start the blog than by sharing some wonderful pics of a Saturday afternoon in Manchester. Record Store Day brought the scenesters out in force and the city centre was buzzing. After lunching with the girls in the wonderful Teacup (Tea and Scones are a MUST!) we headed over to Common for an afternoon beverage...

I love a good pun!

Heart shaped scone = Love! 
(Do you pronounce it 'sconn' or 'scoooooneee'?!)

It's so refreshing to finally get a bit of sunshine and not have to wear winter woolies, I even got my toes out!! It must of been warm...

 Jeans: Forever 21 (customised) Shoes: Dune

So there you go folks, I'm back and here to stay! Keeping my first post brief to reel you gently (here's hoping!) Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and keep smiling!

Big Love,
S&L x