Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Shire

I recently headed over to Lincolnshire to catch up with a friend and was happily surprised by how beautiful the city is. I have never visited before and did not really know much about the area - apart from finding out that my parents honeymooned in Skegness down the road! How glamorously old school!

Walking through the main high street you will see the usual collection of high street stores and coffee shops, but keep walking ahead and you meet 'Steep Hill' which is, as it is aptly named... a steep hill!

Climb the cobbled street and you will find an array of vintage, charity and antique shops. Then, when you are ready for a refreshment, take your pick at the wonderful tea rooms that sit alongside them.
If that wasn't amazing enough, (if you are a girl and you like tea!) when you reach the top of Steep Hill you are rewarded with the happiest busker i have ever seen! Singing his heart out to the likes of Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder! ... Oh and Lincoln Cathedral of course! Yes, this beautiful building stands proudly at the top of the city, looking down on it's people like some sort of great protector...

 Beautiful 'Steam Punk' inspired window display outside of the charity shop.

The Happiest Busker I Ever Did See...

One of the many vintage shops sitting on Steep Hill offer to cut the Levi's you buy into whatever cut- off shorts you fancy!... Excellent idea! As a denim designer I love to see a bit of Levi's customisation.

So there you have it, a bit of love for the shire of Lincoln. I would highly recommend it... It was like a bit of Whitby and a little bit of York... beautiful, traditional and, well, rather English!

S&L x

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